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Creating your own movie website can be a great way to earn some extra income on the side. Of course, you would have to spare some time and money to set it up. However, it can take a considerable amount of time to get it online. Instead of spending weeks to make it from scratch, you can use a bootstrap movie template to make it easier on yourself.

Moreover, if you want to make a movie website, you should consider using an offshore hosting provider instead of a domestic one. Some of the reasons to do so include increased privacy, avoiding censorship, and the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies. Still, probably the most crucial one is the reduced probability of getting your site removed.

The Netherlands is one of the best places to host your site if you’re looking for the benefits mentioned above. Thankfully, there are many offshore companies out there that can offer these features. However, you should always do your due diligence and make sure a host is right for you before committing. Still, it is likely to take some time to find the one that fits your needs. 

If you would rather skip a prolonged research phase, you could use AbeloHost for your site. It’s one of the best offshore hosting companies you can find. They’re also located in the Netherlands and offer a variety of features that will benefit your movie streaming website. 

Even if you have zero experience with the process of creating a movie site, here’s a useful guide on how to create a movie website. Still, before going through the list of the ten best bootstrap movie themes in 2022, let’s define what bootstrap is and how it will help your streaming website.


What Is a Bootstrap Movie Template?

Bootstrap is a front-end HTML5 and CSS3-based framework. It’s used to develop dynamic websites and web applications. Instead of creating a site from scratch, you can use a bootstrap movie theme to get started. Basically, when you get one of these, you will get ready-made pages that you only have to customize.


The Benefits of a Bootstrap Movie Theme

Best Movie Bootstrap Templates


Development Speed

One of the significant advantages of a movie database bootstrap template is the development speed. If you must quickly set up a website or web app, then you should use bootstrap. You will save a considerable amount of time because of the reduced CSS functionality and the pre-built code blocks.

Responsive Design

In recent years, the number of mobile users worldwide has grown to more than five billion. Such a trend points to the increasing need for mobile-friendly websites. Naturally, bootstrap meets this criterion. With its grid system, your site will adjust itself to any screen size.


Consistency was one of the primary reasons for the development of bootstrap. That means you will be guaranteed that your entire website will have the same layout; it doesn’t matter how many developers work on it. That also enables your site to be consistent across devices and various browsers.


You can customize every aspect of your streaming site with a bootstrap movie theme. In fact, you can personalize any part of the template to fit your needs. You can remove parts you don’t need and add any extra code you want. Also, there is no limit to how much you can customize a site’s design using bootstrap.


The large community revolving around bootstrap will prove to be particularly helpful when you come across any issues. You can find numerous threads and discussions related to bootstrap on Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit. Often, you can also depend on the developers from which you bought your bootstrap movie theme. And if you were to run into any issues, you could make use of the community for support.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ten best movie bootstrap templates in 2019.

10 Best Movie Bootstrap Templates


MOOV-LayoutMOOV is a versatile bootstrap movie template with many page types available. These include categories, single movie page, blog, e-commerce page, and more. The theme is search engine friendly. Also, it comes with several neat animation effects, and a powerful search module to name a few features.

This bootstrap movie theme uses Bootstrap 4, which is the latest version. Additionally, you receive detailed documentation with well-commented code and 24/7 premium support. There’s not much more you could ask for from a template. 



SKRN by ProgressionStudios

SKRN by ProgressionStudios Demo LayoutSKRN is a fantastic bootstrap movie template because it was made with videos in mind. Of course, it comes with a responsive design, custom video player, admin dashboard, and search engine optimization. Unlike most of the other bootstrap movie templates on this list, you will get all the .psd files when you buy the theme. Additionally, you can take advantage of its support team while you set up your site.



Movie Pro by Webstrot

Movie-Pro-LayoutMovie Pro is another excellent movie database bootstrap template you could use. You will get a lot of features and benefits with this theme. If you decide to use this one, you will receive more than 18 pre-built HTML pages, a responsive web layout, and free support from the devs. You can also create testimonial, featured, and upcoming sections, as well as much more.



Muvee by Capites

MuveeMuvee is another solid bootstrap movie template you could choose for your site. You can pick among 25 HTML5 bootstrap pages and five different homepages. It also comes with full responsiveness to screen size. Plus, you can enable your users to create their own profiles, leave reviews, and more. 

This well documented and affordable bootstrap template is an excellent choice with which you can build a fantastic website.



Movify by Gnodesign

Movify by Gnodesign Demo LayoutMovify is a complete movie database bootstrap template. It’s specially made for movie streaming sites. The theme uses Bootstrap 4, and you can pick multiple layouts to showcase your films. Plus, there are 26 HTML pages you can choose from. It’s also mobile-friendly and has the Slider Revolution plugin included in the price.

It’s not a favorite among bootstrap movie template users without reason. The theme is affordable, functional, and user-friendly.



One Movies by W3Layouts

One MoviesOne Movies is a simple but robust bootstrap movie template. It comes with image sliders, hover animations, many video players, and some more useful features. On top of that, it’s mobile-friendly and customizable. In fact, you can get this template for free if you don’t mind the backlink to the devs’ website in the footer.

Anyway, if you’re willing to cough up a few bucks, you can remove all branding to make the theme entirely yours.



Flicks by TemplateMonster

FlicksFlicks is a modern bootstrap movie theme that is suitable for video blogs, livestream sites, video sharing, and more. You will quickly build your movie streaming site with the drag-and-drop builder without having to touch any code. Plus, there are a variety of features and pre-built pages you can take advantage of or make your own unique pages.

Additionally, you can get SEO integration to add keywords and meta descriptions. All in all, Flicks is a professional bootstrap movie template that comes with 24/7 tech support, regular updates, and other cool features.



Moto CMS 3 Template by Gravitas

GravitasGravitas is a multipurpose bootstrap movie template that you could use for your movie streaming site. It’s a beginner-friendly theme with an interactive step-by-step tutorial. The developers had the goal to make it super simple for anyone to build a website with their drag-and-drop builder.

The template is ultra fast, responsive, and optimized for search engines. You can use the pre-built pages to add a blog. You can also make it easier for visitors to contact you and get users to sign up for a newsletter. Other features include an iFrame widget you can use to embed content from other sites.

Furthermore, you get detailed documentation and 24/7 support. Plus, you can use the 14-day free trial to get an idea of what this bootstrap template has to offer.



Jevelin by Shufflehound

JevelinJevelin is another multipurpose bootstrap template. You can easily use it to make a movie streaming site. It’s customizable, with multiple ready-made pages. Its potential is limitless, with features that allow you to create numerous widgets and page types. Plus, users can take advantage of the social share, smooth scrolling, and a variety of other features.

There might be cases where you can’t find the functionality you need in a bootstrap movie theme. When that happens, you ought to check out the multipurpose ones. They might have what you’re looking for.



I-finger by Johanspond

I-fingerI-finger is yet another multipurpose bootstrap template that will enable you to create a fantastic movie site. It has a variety of animation effects, a modern and vibrant design, and a responsive layout. Plus, the template has speed optimizations with full compatibility for the major browsers. Moreover, there are more than 100 interface sections that are just waiting for you to use them.




If you can’t afford to spend the time and money to build a movie site from scratch, a bootstrap movie template will make it so much easier for you. However, you must make sure to choose the right one for your site. You should take into account the type of people you’re trying to attract and their needs. If you don’t, even the best templates won’t help you succeed.

Furthermore, some bootstrap movie themes could limit the ways you can design your site. Additionally, if you want to redesign a bootstrap site, you must spend a lot of time. Therefore, you should take caution. Make sure the overall design of a bootstrap movie theme satisfies your needs.

Finally, if you’re looking to join the anime niche with your streaming site, then you’re in luck. You should definitely check out this great article regarding the best anime WordPress themes. It will give you some great pointers to get you started.


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