12 Best PHP Movie Scripts in 2019 featured

There are a huge amount of high quality PHP movie scripts available online to start your movie website.

What are the Benefits of Using a PHP Movie Script?

  • Faster buffer times 
  • Decreased latency 
  • Ability to handle large amounts of data (i.e. video files/streams)
  • Ability to easily build a dynamic website
  • Modern and updated frameworks
  • Fully customizable page elements 
  • High-capacity file hosting

Some scripts even include premade movie/TV show databases with thousands of titles ready for you to use. 

The PHP scripts that we’ve included in our list don’t require any coding skills to use at all. Other features available in most scripts include:

  • Intuitive admin panels that make managing your site’s content incredibly easy.
  • Specifically designed code to handle the high level of data processing that a movie site requires.
  • Option to host files internally or via powerful cloud servers (such as Amazon Web Services). 
  • Video files available for users to stream immediately with lightning-fast buffer times. 
  • User-submitted content
  • Integrated monetization channels/payment gateways
  • Unlimited video uploads or embeds
  • Fully automated video imports


12 PHP Movie Scripts to Improve Your Site

From Netflix clones, robust content management systems, and subscription-based designs to live TV streaming scripts, our list features 45 of the best PHP movies scripts. 

We’ve covered each movie script’s cost, main features, software framework details, and overall benefits to help narrow your selection and choose the best script for your needs. 

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Make sure to go with an offshore VPS to ensure that you have enough bandwidth to stream videos.

Note: Before purchasing, remember to check if your server meets the basic requirements of the script you want to install.


PHP Watch Movies Script by Crivion

PHP Watch Movies Script by Crivion Demo LayoutOne of the most popular PHP movie scripts on the web, “PHP Watch Movies” has a simple UI that’s clean and straightforward. Multiple categories/filters on the homepage makes it very easy for users to find whatever movie or series they’re looking for. 


  • External and embedded watch links 
  • SEO friendly code
  • Social login
  • Built-in membership functionality
  • AJAX rating system (for users to rate videos)
  • User playlist creation
  • Built-in comments
  • Admin user account management 
  • Automated movie/video data imports
  • Created using the CodeIgniter framework



OVOO by Spagreen

OVOO by Spagreen Demo LayoutOVOO is a full-featured movie streaming CMS that includes two premade light/dark template skins. The UI’s design is very attractive and modern with an intuitive, stylish UX.   


  • Built-in membership plugin 
  • Tube Skin (a very popular retina ready streaming player plugin) 
  • Numerous customization options 
  • Built on the CodeIgniter (PHP) framework
  • Supports live TV streaming
  • Responsive layout
  • Designed HTML5/CSS3 over the Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Sort videos by genre, country, release date, or video type (movie, TV show, series, etc.).



StreamView by Streamhash

Easily one of the best movie clone scripts available. From a UI/UX standpoint, Streamhash is about the closest you can get to Netflix. Classic dark color scheme with red secondary colors, intuitive navigation/search features, and advanced user account management options (customized playlists, favorite movies/series, etc.).


  • Advanced customization options 
  • Powerful video-on-demand features
  • SEO friendly
  • Numerous monetization options
  • Built-in mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • Nginx server hosting for very fast streaming
  • Upload/embed videos from multiple sources
  • Pay-per-view or Subscription-based payment models



MTDb by Vebto

Media Pro by Vebto Demo LayoutMedia Pro features a stylish, contemporary design that’s also simple for users to navigate. The homepage includes a large search bar, a “Recently Added Movies” section, and category menus at the top of the page. 


  • Built-in admin panel
  • Numerous customization options 
  • Downloadable subtitles/movies 
  • Streaming video content
  • Full responsive across all devices
  • Built on the Laravel framework



VideoPlay by CoffeeTheme

Videoplay-LayoutVideoPlay is video subscription script with a straightforward UX and easy-to-use navigation options. The design’s layout is simple, easy-to-use, and includes numerous category sections on the homepage, with a simple menu at the top for quick navigation.


  • Full customization to pages, posts, and videos
  • Built-in payment gateway 
  • Multi-language support
  • Stripe compatibility (for recurring payments) 
  • Unlimited video uploads 
  • Built on the CodeIgnite framework



Mechbunny Tube Script by Iomedia

Tube Script by Mechbunny has a UI that features a dark color palette, navigation elements/categories at the top of each page, and sidebar advertisement sections. The UX features modern and attractive page element animations, for an up-to-date and professional look.


  • Able to handle up to 40GB per second in data transfers 
  • Process more than 40 million views per day. 
  • Built-in video conversion plugins
  • SEO friendly code/URL structures
  • Fully responsive 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Customizable page elements
  • Content automation 
  • VR/360 degree video support
  • HTML5 video player
  • Supports multiple payment processors
  • Integrated with numerous popular APIs
  • Monthly subscription or VOD payment models



Next Hour by Media-city

Next-Hour-LayoutNext Hour is a video subscription-based CMS that looks and feels very similar to Netflix. The design is very professional and will make an excellent impression on first-time visitors.


  • Built-in payment plugins/gateways
  • Integral video player 
  • Content import module 
  • Supports live TV/streaming
  • AWS/Google Drive support
  • Video advertisement options



MoFlix by Wicombit

MoFlix LayoutIt has a clean-cut, updated UX with an advanced search/filter tool that allows users to easily find what they’re looking for. The UI features a basic light/dark color palette with minimal distractions.


  • Fully responsive 
  • Highly Customizable 
  • Easy-to-use admin panel 
  • Drag-and-drop media manager
  • Easily customize site name, meta data, and keyword details



CinemaRex by AN-KI

CinemaRex by AN-KI Demo LayoutCinemaRex is an aesthetically pleasing script with modern design elements. The navigation/layout feels just like Netflix, which makes the site very easy-to-use. 


  • Fully responsive 
  • Payment gateways
  • IP detection/filtering 
  • Live TV streaming, subtitles 
  • Supports encrypted video content
  • Built on the Laravel framework 
  • Fully compatible with Amazon AWS



NexMovies by Jamie Baxter

NexMoviesDark color scheme with modern and seamless HTML/CSS page element animations. NexMovies has an easy-to-use navigation/site structure that allows users to quickly find/watch the movie or series they’re looking for.


  • Easily installation 
  • Advanced filtering options 
  • External hosting capabilities (for video content)
  • Real-time user statistics 
  • External video streaming support (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • SEO friendly with built-in XML sitemap generator
  • Requires PHP 7.1 or higher



MovieStore by MTDb

MovieStoreMovieStore is a good option to explore if you want to easily build and monetize a movie database. The design of this script is roughly similar to Netflix, however it doesn’t support streaming (it’s designed to be a movie store/review database, with affiliate links to streaming platforms).


  • SEO friendly code
  • Fully automated 
  • Built-in movie reviews/ratings system
  • Advertisement options 
  • Amazon/iTunes affiliate compatibility 
  • Supports multi-language translations
  • Custom metadata (titles, descriptions, etc.)
  • jQuery image loading
  • SSL support for HTTPS security 
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Disqus integration
  • Requires PHP 5.x +



Open Source Video Streaming Script bu PHP Scripts Mall

Open-Source-Video-Streaming-Script-Bare-bones Netflix clone script that focuses more on copying the platform’s general site layout than its actual UX. The UI is simple and straightforward, not cutting edge by any means, but it’s easy to navigate/use.


  • Built-in membership/subscription 
  • Integral payment gateway 
  • Video or static (image) advertisements
  • One year of 24/7 technical support
  • 6 months of dedicated code updates
  • Custom admin panel



Open Source Video Streaming Script brings an end to our list of the best PHP movie scripts. If you don’t like any of the scripts we listed here, we recommend that you check our guide on the best WordPress movie streaming themes.

In case you’ve found what you’re looking for, check out our guide on how to start a movie website. It will help you install your preferred movie website script, upload movies and optimize your website for better performance.


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